Digging Deeper: Mental healthcare for homeless community

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SIOUX CITY (KTIV)-  The Siouxland community has a number of organizations that reach out to the homeless community and get them the help they need.

One of those needs is mental health care.

“I definitely think that is one of the biggest for people who are homeless and who are chronically homeless is mental illness,” says Marcia Carlson, Community Support Project Restore Specialist.

It’s a problem plaguing the homeless community.

Siouxland Mental Health Center’s program  “Project Restore”  is working to treat those living on the streets.

“We meet them right where they’re at and we help them with whatever they need,” says Carlson. “If they’re needing mental health services first, then we help them to get the mental health services to get them stabilized and go from there.”

The program doesn’t just help people get on the right medications and keeping them on those treatment pathways.

It also helps to put a roof over the heads of those impacted by homelessness and mental health conditions.

“Once they are stabilized, to again, meet them right where they are at and find out what type of housing they need. For some people that may be an emergency shelter, it may be some type of transitional housing, some type of permanent supportive housing,” says Carlson.

Carlson says she believes mental illness is one of the biggest problems within the homeless community. But, it can be difficult to solve.

“Mental illness is something that people often don’t know they can be very, very ill but, they don’t know how ill they are and so, they don’t really seek treatment,” says Carlson.

Siouxland Mental Health Center meets with those needing help for mental illness at various locations.

They often get referrals from other programs in the community or local hospitals.

They say they also help to make sure those needing treatments get the right medications and stay on them.

Siouxland Mental Health Center is located at 205 Fifth Street in Sioux City.

You can call (712) 202-0173 if you or someone you know needs help.

Ashly Richardson

Ashly Richardson

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