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USS SIOUX CITY COMMISSIONING: Ship arrives in time for Saturday’s commissioning

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland (KTIV) – For more than six years, the community of Sioux City has waited for the Navy ship– that bears its name- to serve in the fleet.

That chance to serve the country comes on Saturday morning as the USS Sioux City is commissioned.

On Wednesday night, the ship is docked in Annapolis, Maryland, at the U.S. Naval Academy, ready for Saturday’s ceremony.

The ship sailed up the Severn River, and arrived here at the U.S. Naval Academy, on Tuesday morning.

It arrived just in time for Saturday’s big party.

The commissioning ceremony will be historic for a few reasons.

A Navy ship has never been commissioned at the U.S. Naval Academy, and, Sioux City has never had a ship named after it.

The commissioning is seen as the ceremony to bring the ship to life.

At one point, Saturday morning, the ship’s sponsor, Mary Winnefeld, will say, “Crew of the USS Sioux City, man your ship, and bring her to life.”

That’s followed by the crew shouting, “Yes, ma’am”… and the running onto the ship, to man their posts.

The ship will depart on Sunday afternoon, and sail into service with the Navy’s 5th fleet assigned to the Persian Gulf.

The ship’s home port will be Mayport, Florida.

KTIV’s Matt Breen will be live from Annapolis throughout the week. Stay tuned to News 4 from the latest updates on the commissioning. You can also follow Matt’s updates on the commissioning on Twitter

Matt Breen

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