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Commander of USS Sioux City hosts reception

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND (KTIV) —  A handful of traditions surround the commissioning of any Navy ship. On Saturday, November 17, the USS Sioux City will be commissioned at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

On Thursday, November 15, people from Sioux City, and from the naval community in Annapolis, gathered for a reception hosted by Randy Malone, commander of the USS Sioux City.

The reception serves as an opportunity for the commander to thank all of the people, who supported the ship, and helped organize the events that lead up to Saturday’s commissioning. It’s also a chance for supporters, from Sioux City, to meet their counterparts from the naval community. For city leaders, it’s a chance to celebrate more than six years of hard work, from the ship’s naming and construction, to its launch and commissioning.

“I’m probably really fortunate as a mayor because sometimes mayor’s get to start these projects, but they never get finish them,” said Bob Scott, Mayor of Sioux City. “I’ve been lucky to be here from the beginning to the end, so it means a lot to me.”

“You know, it’s one of those things. I wish it was daylight, but it’s night right now,” said Heidi Reinking, Siouxland Chamber. “So, the big looming ship on the horizon as we pulled up in the dark with beautiful lights, and walking up that gang plank to get on board. It’s exciting, I cannot wait until Saturday morning.”

KTIV will stream the ceremony, on, starting at 8:00 a. m., Saturday, November 17.









Matt Breen

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