South Dakota to send off White House Thanksgiving turkeys

HURON, South Dakota (AP) – South Dakota is readying a pair of turkeys raised for the White House’s Thanksgiving meal to make the ceremonious journey to Washington D.C., where the white-feathered birds will likely receive a presidential pardon.

The Daily Republic reports that tourism officials in the birds’ hometown of Huron paraded the turkeys around the city on Wednesday as part of a formal send-off.

This year marks the first time South Dakota has been chosen to present a gobbler to the president as part of the 70-year tradition.

The 40-pound birds will be packed into a sport utility vehicle Saturday and driven 1,400 miles to the nation’s capital, where they’re scheduled to arrive at a five-star hotel Sunday.

The turkeys will be “interviewed” at a press day on Monday. The pardoning ceremony will be held Tuesday.

Associated Press

Associated Press

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