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ANNAPOLIS, Maryland (KTIV) – In 2012, the U.S. Navy announced a new kind of ship would bear the name “Sioux City.”

After more than six years of work to build it, and test it, the USS Sioux City is set to sail into service after it’s commissioned on Saturday, at the U.S. Naval Academy, in Maryland.

To step aboard the USS Sioux City is to step into the future of naval warfare and ship construction.

It’s the newest ship in the Navy’s fleet.

The advantage the Sioux City, and other littoral combat ships have, is the ability to reconfigure them to fit their mission… from minesweeping to surface warfare.

The ship’s massive hangar can hold helicopters, drones, and dozens of different components.

Below deck?

A massive storage space capable of holding just about anything for the multiple missions the ship is capable of.

The ship has four massive water jet engines instead of the traditional rudder and propellers sitting below the water line.

So, it can operate closer to shore than any other Navy ship.

These innovations make the Sioux City one of the most versatile ships in the fleet.

“I will tell you that this is the best ship to have come out of Marinette, Wisconsin,” said CDR Randy Malone, USS Sioux City Commander. “Just like every process in the world, there are lessons learned, and the shipyards have done a fantastic job of coming out of the shipyard, and integrating those processes.”

Throughout the ship, you’ll find touches of “home” that help the crew connect to Sioux City, from the food they eat, to small tokens tying them to Siouxland.

Matt Breen

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