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Akron’s Hometown Christmas: an inviting event

AKRON, Iowa (KTIV) – Small towns have a different feel than big cities do.
That difference continues even into the Christmas season.
Wednesday, in Akron, Iowa, the Chamber of Commerce hosted “A Hometown Christmas”.

Things got underway as Santa and Mrs. Claus came riding into town on a fire truck.
All along Reed Street businesses offered snacks and activities.
You could make your own Christmas ornaments, and then visit Santa to tell him what you want for Christmas.
The events were designed to invite families to enjoy everything that Akron has to offer during the holiday season.

“Events like this are very important to small towns. It creates a sense of community. It gets people excited to be a part of the community. So when you have relatives or friends that live out of town they’re like ‘Wow that’s awesome. Look at what this town is doing’.” said Jennie Roed, President Akron Chamber of Commerce.

Carolers filled the streets, and you could find a living Nativity set up in the window of one of the churches.
The goal?
To offer a small town, welcoming feeling to everyone.

“That feeling that you’re welcome to come into any store in Akron, as a family and make memories. It shows everybody that Akron is a small knit community. That we, in essence, are a family.” said Emily Colt, Broken Kettle Wine Cellars

Akron also paid tribute to its past.
The town set up an “extra table setting” display to honor veterans, who had passed away, and won’t be around to celebrate the holidays, this year.

Travis Hoffer

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