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UPDATE: South Sioux City, NE “lock out” lifted, student arrested following concerning comments on social media

SOUTH SIOUX CITY, NE (KTIV)- South Sioux City Police say a comment was made on Snapchat early on Wednesday. Police say the comment was “everything’s ready for tomorrow.”

Officials say some students went to school administrators to report the comment.

The school went on “lock out” around 1:00pm Wednesday.

During a “lock out”, no one is let into the building, and no one is let out.

Police say the student, who put the comment on Snapchat, was home sick from school, Wednesday. Police later found the student at a Sioux City home, and made an arrest. “Due to the level of disruption that has occurred and the level of unrest that has resulted, whether or not a communication of threat against the students directly was uttered or not, it still caused, the statement caused this type of disruption and this type of feeling of unrest and fear,” says Lt. Chris Chernock, South Sioux City Police.

Students were kept on “lock out” until just before 3:30pm Wednesday.

Investigators say the student is over the age of 18, but won’t release any other details about the student’s identity.

A release from the South Sioux City Police Department says witnesses were interviewed, and they provided statements. But, investigators say Sioux City prosecutor, who reviewed the reports, felt the elements needed to prove their case weren’t present.

Police say the investigation is continuing. School discipline is pending and possible criminal charges are being requested from Nebraska authorities.

SOUTH SIOUX CITY, NE (KTIV) – The South Sioux City Community School District said they have lifted a lock out at the South Sioux City High School and South Sioux City Middle School and students have been dismissed as normal.

Police said Sioux City authorities have made contact with an individual after a threat was made on social media.

Police said Sioux City authorities felt there was enough evidence to charge the individual.

The High School and Middle School were placed on lock out Wednesday early afternoon.

School officials said everyone is safe.

Tia Heidebrecht

KTIV Executive Producer

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