Tom Brokaw remembers President Bush for his service

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(NBC News) – Tom Brokaw remembered President George H. W. Bush Wednesday with some thoughts on the president’s background and service in World War II.

Tom Brokaw, with NBC News, said, “He went into the navy at 18, but he came from this very privileged background. I said, where did you learn about serving on a ship? He said, what I learned was about the American people. I was on a ship with men that I had not known growing up. There were farmers from the Midwest. There were working-class kids. And I was an officer had to read their letters to censor them. So I learned what it was like to worry about financial resources, about heat in the summertime, about how the crops were doing. He said it opened a whole entirely different life to me.”

More on the legacy of President Bush and today’s memorial service tonight on NBC Nightly News.

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