Senators plan bipartisan bill on Saudi Arabia

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Days after getting a CIA briefing on the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi some senators are ready to respond.

Sen. Jeff Merkley from Oregon said, “In a court of law, when you are in the room at the time of the murder, you’re involved, you’re knowledgeable. And in this case, the Crown Prince would have been in charge of it.”

The group of Republican and Democratic Senators say they’re certain, Mohammed Bin Salman has Khashoggi’s blood on his hands.

Senator Marco Rubio from Florida said, “There is no way that 17 people that close to that Crown Prince go to Turkey and murder a guy at a consulate and he not know about it.”

The senators are trying to reach an agreement to pull back the U.S. involvement in the Saudi-led Yemen war and halt arms sales to the kingdom.

This stance differs from the Trump administration, which downplays CIA reports of the crown prince’s involvement.

The bipartisan plan may be on the floor by Monday.

NBC News

NBC News

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