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Morningside Football Prepares for National Championship Game in Daytona Beach, FL

SIOUX CITY, IA (KTIV) -Game week is here for Morningside College football.

The NAIA Championship game is in Daytona Beach, Florida on Saturday.

The Mustangs will be playing the Benedictine of Kansas.

The Mustangs have had a perfect season.

They’ll take a perfect 14 and 0 record into the title game.

Morningside had a dramatic overtime win in the playoff semi-finals against St. Francis, which led the Mustangs into the Championship game.

By the time they kick off this weekend, they will have had two weeks to get ready.

“There kids are very physical and I think it will be the most physical, tough football team we’ve played all year in terms of just their ability to hit and to just control the line of scrimmage and we really got to be ready for that,” says Steve Ryan, Head Coach.

Morningside has been in the championship game once before.

They lost in the finals to Marian of Indiana in 20-12.

The Mustangs have been number-1 most of the season and are the favorites heading into the final.

Bringing home the first N-A-I-A title in school history is all they’re thinking about.

“That feeling of you know accomplishment and just doing something we worked so hard to do you know this just isn’t we show up in August and we’re ready to go it’s a year-long process of you know we start in January in the weight room four times a week, it continues through the summer all the way up to the fall so just an appreciation of the grind and hard work paid off in the end,” says Trent Solsma, Mustangs Quarterback.

The championship game is on December 15th at 5 PM Central time.

KTIV’s Brad Pautsch will be in Daytona Beach with Live coverage all week long.

Hannah Norton

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