Iowa Great Lakes declared frozen

OKOBOJI, IA (KUOO) – The Iowa Great Lakes have officially been declared frozen. That’s the word from Kirk Ewen of Arnolds Park, who has documented the freezing and thawing of the Lakes for many years.

Ewen says East Okoboji initially was frozen on November 18, and then reopened.

It again was frozen by December 7. West Okoboji also was declared frozen on December 7.

While those dates are pretty much on target with historic averages, they are much earlier than last year when East Lake Okoboji didn’t freeze over entirely until December 22 and West Lake didn’t freeze completely until December 26.

Even though the Iowa Great Lakes are now frozen, officials remind anyone thinking about venturing onto the ice to use extreme caution, especially when crossing points where pressure ridges often form.

And some of the more shallow lakes have aeration systems in operation, with open water around them.

Also according to the Lake View and Black Hawk Lake, Iowa Facebook page they are ice fishing on Black Hawk Lake.

They are ice fishing on Black Hawk Lake!

Posted by Lake View & Black Hawk Lake, Iowa on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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