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Outback Bowl Party hosts Bulldogs and Hawkeye fans

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) -Football fans across town started off the first day of the new year in local pubs to watch the big game between the Iowa Hawkeyes and Mississippi State Bulldogs.

On Tuesday morning, Marty’s Tap hosted an Outback Bowl Party for loyal fans around town.

Every year, Sioux City’s staple Hawkeye bar hosts the annual bowl game.

Hawkeye and Bulldog fans pulled up a chair to watch their favorite teams on every screen of the bar.

Lots of food and drink specials were available for fans.

“Hawkeye fans are loyal that’s the main thing it doesn’t matter what game it is what our record is what bowl it is Hawkeye fans show up,” Kelly Quinn, the owner of Marty’s Tap.

Fans say every year, lots of people come together to enjoy the games.

“We come here anyway even when it’s not game time its the same people,  the same group of people and our age group and always good food and just always a good combination of everything its kind of like a holiday every game day,” Laurie Richard, a local fan.

Every fan today had the opportunity to participate in raffles and giveaways.



Danielle Saitta

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