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It’s a zoo at Sioux City’s Loess Hills Elementary

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) –  It’s a zoo at Sioux City’s Loess Hills Elementary!

A virtual zoo that is!

As part of their FutureReady curriculum, first graders have been studying different animals from various habitats.

Each student researched an animal, wrote a little piece about it, then shot a video of them reading their report.

The videos were then made into QR codes and put on the wall to create a “virtual zoo.”

Students used their iPads to scan the QR codes to watch their classmates’ video.

Teachers at Loess Hill say it’s an opportunity for students to learn from each other.

“So this is the cool part that they’ve been waiting for,” said Kristi Von Hagel, Loess Hills First Grade Teacher, “They did a lot of research behind the scene. Researching their own animal, making their own video and doing their own writing. But this is where it all kind of comes together. The kids can then learn about the other animals that the kids studied.”

The project will be up at the school for at least the next month.

Michelle Schoening

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