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Protecting your heating system and pipes in freezing temperatures

SIOUX CITY (KTIV)- While the temperatures continue to drop, experts recommend you keep an eye on your pipes and heating systems at home.

Checking your heater annually could save you from running into an issue when you need it most.

Experts say maintaining your heater up-keep during the warmer months, will prevent any issues later on.

A good reminder is to make sure to change your filters.

That’s because a clogged filter can prevent heat from getting into your home.

“It is no different than our vehicles that require preventative maintenance,” said Steve Kistner, General Manager Kalins Indoor Comfort. “Our heating and cooling systems need the exact same things so they can work when we all count on them in this extreme cold. 80-to-90-percent of the calls we go on right now are maintenance related.”

If there are areas in your home where freezing pipes are a problem, it’s important to get more heat in those areas when the cold weather hits.

“If you do have areas that have frozen before, you can always leave a faucet on, just to let it drip,” said Nate Foulk, President, Foulk Brothers Plumbing & Heating. “That easily a lot of times helps pipes from freezing.”

Foulk adds, you can lower your thermostat a few degrees when you’re gone to save money, and it won’t hurt your pipes.

Jennifer Lenzini

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