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Siouxland sheriff comments on new constitutional carry law in South Dakota

UNION COUNTY, South Dakota (KTIV) – Right now in order to open carry a firearm in the state of South Dakota, you don’t need a permit.

But in order to carry a concealed firearm, you do.

Starting this summer, that will change.

During this year’s legislative session, Gov. Kristi Noem signed a measure allowing residents in the state to carry concealed pistols without a permit. The law will take effect July 1.

Currently, in order to obtain a concealed carry permit, you must pass a state background check and pay a fee.

The new law would eliminate those requirements, but gun owners can still get a permit through their sheriff’s department.

The Union County Sheriff says he’s not too concerned about the new law.

“I don’t think it is going to change a whole lot,” said Sheriff Dan Limoges, Union County Sheriff’s Department. “But it does open up our county, and the state of South Dakota, to anybody within the United States that want to come in here and carry a concealed weapon- the won’t be required to a license.”

This bill was the first one Noem signed into law.

She says it will further protect the Second Amendment rights of the citizens of South Dakota and the nation.

Jennifer Lenzini

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