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USDA officially reclassifies BPI’s lean finely textured beef as “ground beef”

“Dude, it’s beef!”

That was the slogan for a campaign to combat negative, national media attention focused on “lean, finely textured beef”, which was the signature product made by Siouxland-based Beef Products, Incorporated, in 2012.

Now, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, LFTB can now be classified as “ground beef.”

The move comes after a month-long trial, in 2017, in Union County, South Dakota, court ended with the settlement of a $2-billion defamation lawsuit filed by BPI against ABC News. At the time, BPI claimed ABC’s reporting on LFTB was baseless, and biased. In its reporting, ABC repeatedly used a two-word, derogatory term to describe the appearance of LFTB.

After an extensive review by the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, the website “New Food Economy” reports LFTB is now classified as “ground beef” by the USDA.

BPI’s vice president of sales and marketing recently told Beef Magazine that the reclassification “opens up new doors for us.” Craig Letch went on to say “we want to be more consumer focused and very transparent with our customer base. This change will allow us to provide new and innovative types of products that our process lends itself well to.”

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