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LAKES AREA NEWS: Mill Stone Park organizers looking for major grant

MILFORD, Iowa (KUOO) – Committee members working to develop a new park in Milford are crossing their fingers they’ll be able to land a major grant to help finance the project.

Mill Stone Park is proposed to be located on some land owned by the city of Milford at the intersection of Highway 71 and Dickinson County Road A-34.


Courtesy: KUOO Radio

It was announced earlier this week the group is applying for a grant of nearly $100,000 from the Vision Iowa Community Attractions and Tourism, or CAT Grant program.

The park would include a special feature with some high tech effects that would replicate the city of Milford’s name sake, a mill that was located on a creek on the south edge of town.

It will also include four time capsules to be opened every 25 years.

The project has already received a $100,000 donation from Imagine Iowa Great Lakes, the group that’s behind a multi-million dollar beautification of the lakes corridor.

Project organizers say digital mapping and laser projectors will make the attraction appear as if there is actual water under the water wheel structure, and that the character and quality of the piece will change throughout the year as the sun casts various shadows on it.


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