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Trout fishing at Bacon Creek Park

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – Some Siouxlanders braved the cold temperatures this weekend to do some ice fishing at bacon Creek Park.

On Saturday, fishing lovers alike gathered at bacon creek park for an annual ice fishing event.

About 1,800 rainbow trout were released–giving siouxlanders many opportunities to collect, release and or take home their catches.

Beginning at 1:30 on Saturday afternoon, folks of all ages gathered at Bacon Creek Park.

This annual event was a part of the Urban Trout fishing program.

Organizers call the event an opportunity for people to experience trout fishing in their own back yard.

Biologists say that most of the trout collected were from Northeast Iowa.

Many Siouxlanders were able to catch multiple fish during the afternoon.

Up to five catches were allowed per person.

“When you’re here the day that we stock them, they can catch a lot. The daily limit is five for those who have trout stamps. You need to have a trout stamp and a regular fishing license to fish for acute trout. You can keep five with that stamp. You can catch and release all you want and we’ve seen a lot of people catch a lot of fish today,” says Ben Wallace an Iowa DNR Fisheries Biologist.

During the event, one local participant described his experience that afternoon.

“It’s just past time really. It’s cold but I like catching fish. It’s fun it’s pretty there’s a pretty high accuracy of if you are going to catch a fish, “Joe Halbur, a local trout fisher.

Biologists say that this event has grown in popularity since 2008

No entry fee was required for this event.

Participants were asked to have their fishing licenses and trout stamps to take part in the winter activity.

Danielle Saitta

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