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Ice fishing in March

In Clear Lake Iowa, it has been a brutal winter.

Houses are still buried in snow from Clear Lake.

Out on the lake, there are still a handful of ice fishermen.

to get to their fishing spot snowplows have to clear makeshift roads for access.

fishing guide Kevan Paul says, “Usually we can get out in March, that second week in March, once it gets to be this late, I mean obviously we’re all hoping for spring, and some thaw to get the water flowing good, then get the boats out soon.”

Kevin Paul has been running a fishing guide service here since 2008.

This week has clients that come here to fish from the Quad Cities.

For those who don’t want to be out in the cold all the time Kevan and his partners’ rent bunkhouses on the ice where people can ice fish with all the comforts of home.

one reason to fish inside at this bunkhouse, they allow you to watch your potential catch on the screen before the bite on closed circuit tv.

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