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City Council approves garbage collection rate increase

SIOUX CITY (KTIV)- Sioux City City Council members approved an increase in garbage collection rates in Sioux City.

City leaders voted unanimously to approve the third and final reading of an ordinance to raise the rates by two-percent.

For Sioux City residents, garbage collection rate will go up 30-cents.

For seniors, the increase will be more than $4.

That’s after Mayor Bob Scott said the city had to question the garbage collection rate discount, for seniors, over discrimination concerns.

Council members say their hands were tied in the matter and didn’t want to risk a lawsuit, by giving the discount to one specific group, and not to every customer.

Mayor Scott says a new ordinance, focused on senior discounts, will be voted on during next Monday’s council meeting.

“We can’t give a senior discount, legally,” said Mayor Bob Scott, Sioux City. “I talked to a couple MidAmerican people and they said the same thing. If you’re in the utility business you cannot discriminate. And as much as we would like to figure out a way to do it, it doesn’t sound like we are going to be able to do that.”

The vote on the first reading of the senior discounted garbage rates will be next Monday, March 18th.

It will have to pass three readings.

Jennifer Lenzini

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