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Hornick, IA mayor declares state of emergency, dirt berm is constructed

HORNICK, Iowa (KTIV) – The town of Hornick, Iowa and its more than 200 residents remain evacuated Thursday night because of the uncertainty surrounding the levee holding back the West Fork of the Little Sioux River.

The mayor declared a state of emergency Thursday morning. The Hornick Volunteer Fire Department, as well as, Woodbury County Sheriff’s Deputy went door-to-door to evacuate the town.

Mayor Scott Mitchell says crews were watching the water levels for the past couple days. Around 10:00am Mitchell took action against the rising levy waters and declared a state of emergency. He says many of the folks in town heed the warning. “We got the town evacuated in probably, four hours,” said Scott Mitchell, Mayor of Hornick, Iowa, “I’ll say we had most of our residents leave, I’m very happy that our residents picked up and left. I’m glad that they followed the warning.”

One of those residents was Adam Humlicek. He says he and his family heard the sirens in town and decided to get out. “We are getting the truck and camper hooked up and putting the motorcycle in there,” Adam Humlicek, Hornick Resident, “We sit in the low line in the town so we’d rather be safe than sorry than get that stuff flooded.”

Crews spent the later part of the evening building a dirt berm on the north side of town in hopes to divert the water away if it were to reach Hornick. The mayor told residents they would need a valid drivers license to get back into town. He also told them they had to enter at their own risk.

Michelle Schoening

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