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LAKES AREA NEWS: Iowa Great Lakes hasn’t escaped flooding issues

(KUOO) – Nebraska, South Dakota and Iowa have all experienced major flooding, along with several communities being forced to evacuate.

And neighborhoods in the Iowa Great Lakes are having their struggles as well.

Like most other areas of the region, the Iowa Great Lakes hasn’t escaped the flooding that’s been taking place due to the rain, rapid snowmelt and frozen ground.

Most cities in the lakes area have streets that are closed due to water flowing over them. The worst appears to be Airport Drive in Milford.

Mayor Steve Anderson says the city secured a pump from Dickinson County Emergency Management and has been pumping water from that area since last night.

Several houses in that area were reportedly taking on water, especially in basements.

Sandbagging operations were ongoing in that area as of earlier today, as well as in the Terrace Park area in the city of West Okoboji.

Just west of Spirit Lake, near Triboji Beach, a portion of this gravel road just north of Highway 9 washed out.

The Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District also put out a call earlier in the day urging people to refrain from using water as they say the system was operating at a very high volume.

Are there any reports of any major highways in that area being closed due to flooding?

So far the area has been fortunate in regards to closings of major highways from flooding.

While there’s been some ponding on some of the main highways, there had no reports of any of them being closed in the immediate area.

But officials say they are closely monitoring a few spots.


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