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Sioux City officials keeping an eye on Floyd River

SIOUX CITY (KTIV)- The Floyd River through Sioux City has broken the record for the highest crest.

As of 3 p.m. Thursday afternoon, the National Weather Service says the Floyd River near Sioux City was at 29.69 feet.

The previous record high was 28.9 feet.

Officials say they only expect it to recede from here on out.

A mixture of rain, snow, and wind, has caused the Floyd River on the north side of Sioux City to move rapidly.

Sioux City Fire Rescue says this particular area is not seeing as much flooding as other areas across Siouxland-

But they are keeping an eye on the local rivers.

“We are still keeping an eye on the Floyd channel, just because of the concern that it could raise at some point,” said Mark Aesoph, Sioux City Fire Marshal. “Right now, it is not a concern.”

Aespoh adds they are not as worried about perry creek, because it already started to recede Wednesday night.

Officials say no matter where you are across Siouxland to always take precautions and drive carefully.

Jennifer Lenzini

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