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Sioux City residents continue to clean-out basements from flooding

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – Many residents in Sioux City have been dealing with water in their basements because of flooding.

Water from the heavy rain and melting snow found its way into many basements around the area.

Those who have been affected Thursday have been working to clean up the mess.

Many spent the day pumping water, tearing up carpets, and running fans to dry out their basements.

Although an inconvenience, Sioux City Fire Rescue says they are not seeing as much flooding in Sioux City as in other areas.

“Some localized here and there basement water caused by typically a plugged downspout or an ice jam near the home,” said Mark Aesoph, Sioux City Fire Marshal. “At this time of year normally if we get some rain, a lot of those downspouts and drains are already thawed. This year, they’re not. The rain came early before the ground had the chance to thaw.”

Aesoph adds fortunately, they have not had any recent reports of serious fires.

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