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Flooding rivers in Siouxland

The combination of heavy rainfall Wednesday into Thursday, rapidly melting snow and partially frozen ground has resulted in moderate to major flooding on many Siouxland rivers. Many rivers have hit their peak and are now decreasing. If a river isn’t mentioned here, then it likely is already receding.

Here are the latest river levels that are still rising  through the area:

Big Sioux River

Sioux City
Current: 35.5 feet as of 6:30 PM Saturday
Flood Stage: 32.0 feet
Forecast: Cresting near 35.6 feet Sunday evening

James River
Current: 19.85 feet as of 7:00 PM Saturday
Flood Stage: 12.0 feet
Forecast:  Slowly falling through the weekend

Little Sioux River
Linn Grove
Current: 24.05 feet as of 7:00 PM Saturday
Flood Stage: 18.0 feet
Forecast: Slowly falling through the weekend

Missouri River
Current: 35.46 feet as of 7:30 PM Saturday
Flood Stage: 35.0 feet
Forecast: Cresting Monday near 36.4 feet

Current: Unavailable
Flood Stage: 21.0 feet
Forecast: Unavailable

Sioux City

Current: 28.51 feet as of 7:00 PM Saturday
Flood Stage: 30.0 feet
Forecast: Cresting Sunday near 30.2 feet

Jaret Lansford

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