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North Sioux City builds temporary ring levee to protect city from flooding

NORTH SIOUX CITY, South Dakota (KTIV) – With a construction project currently underway on the levee in North Sioux City, city officials have created a temporary ring levee to protect the city.

A construction project on the levee has created an opening in the levee, causing the temporary ring levee to be created.

The temporary ring will protect the city against rising water up to a river level of 40 feet. This is over seven feet taller than the expected crest height on Monday.

The Big Sioux River is expected to crest at 32.8 feet around 1 a.m. Monday, this according to officials.

In the Dakota Dunes area, the Missouri River is expected to crest at 1,093 feet.

Currently, North Sioux City isn’t expected to see any movement of water toward McCook Lake. Officials also don’t anticipate Missouri River levels to endanger homes on the lake or in city limits.

Officials from the Army Corp of Engineers have said the peak flow from the Spencer, Nebraska, dam break has reached Gavin’s Point Dam and is moving toward the Sioux City area.

The Corp of Engineers has reduced the amount of water it is releasing from the dam at this time.

City officials will continue to monitor the river levels of both the Big Sioux and Missouri Rivers.

Blake Branch

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