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Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan visits Sioux City

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) -On Saturday evening, Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan visited Sioux City after stopping in Storm Lake for the Heartland Forum.

Following his visit to Northwest Iowa, Ryan met democratic party members at Rebos on Fourth street.

While there, he engaged in a casual sit down conversation about the future of this country as well as his potential run for office.

The Congressman took time to speak with locals about common district concerns and interests.

Topics included manufacturing based similarities as well as similar challenges in both districts.

Supporters say that since Ryan comes from a Midwestern state, he understands certain challenges Iowa faces.

“I think being from Ohio and someone who can win and trump districts especially, he knows how to relate to folks who are working those industries who are just devasted by the tariffs situation and he knows how to win and fight for those people,” Says Jeremy Dumkrieger, the Woodbury County Democratic Party Chair.

While Saturday night’s supporters believe that the nation would benefit from having Ryan in office, the U.S. Representative says his decision is not yet final.

“These issues are really important to me, they are important to the community I grew up in and now represent and I think they are important to the country and the more I’m in Iowa the more I realize that the challenges here are the same ones we have back home and we are going to continue to listen and make a decision here real soon,” says Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio.

Sunday, the United States representative will return to his district.

Ryan says that he plans on making a final decision to run in the 2020 election in a couple of weeks.


Danielle Saitta

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