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Congregation Beth Shalom hosts world-wide Genocide Awareness Day event

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – Throughout history, our world has seen multiple accounts of genocide.

On Sunday, Congregation Beth Shalom invited locals to explore examples of genocide that took place outside and inside our country.

The local Synagogue Hosted a World Wide Genocide Awareness Day event.

Exhibits of previous events of genocide were displayed with photographs and information.

These projects were created by Morningside Students, outlining the prejudice faced by many countries.

Examples ranged from the Jewish Holocaust to other accounts of genocide like in Syria, Africa and even here in the U.S.

Organizers believe that holding this event helps folks understand how genocide initiates and how it can be stopped.

“The importance of our society, of any society, is being very aware, our democratic society allows for freedom of press freedom of assembly so that any form of an individual who wants to be a dictator can take over a country and perpetrate some form of genocide which would be stopped that’s the power of democracy,” says Rabbi Guy Greene of Congregation Beth Shalom.

About 32 students took part in the event to help highlight genocide awareness.

Danielle Saitta

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