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Vitamin K and Magnesium intake could help prevent early death, researchers say

(NBC) – Certain nutrients may be better than others when it comes to preventing an early death, but the way you consume them is also key.

Researchers studied data from nearly 28,000 adults ages 20-years-old and older.

Those who had an adequate intake of Vitamin K and Magnesium were less likely to suffer an early death from all causes.

Participants had a lower chance of suffering an early death from heart disease if they had an adequate intake of Vitamins A and K and Zinc.

However, that benefit was only seen in those who ate food containing the nutrients and not from taking supplements.

Experts also say they found an increased risk of dying from cancer following an excessive intake of Calcium from supplements but not from foods.

Researchers defined an excess Calcium intake as anything exceeding 1,000 milligrams per day.

NBC News

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