Heavy snow, ice and rain impact Siouxlanders on Thursday

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(KTIV) – From thunderstorms and rain to freezing rain and snow, Siouxland has seen it all over the last 24-hours.

The impact of the storm depends on where you live.

Trooper John Farley, with the Iowa State Patrol, says for many winds has been the biggest problem.

In Lyon County, Iowa, Farley says power lines are down on some secondary roads, prompting some road closures.

Farley says all drivers should be cautious in high winds, especially those with high-profile trucks and trailers.

Emergency managers in Dickinson County, Iowa, say nearly 300 people in that area are without power after heavy icing brought some power lines down.

They say the northern part of Dickinson County has seen up to a quarter-inch of ice accumulation.

Officials say a combination of strong winds and heavy ice caused over a dozen power poles to break.

They say getting power restored to residents is a top priority.

“The power crews are out working as hard as they can in some cases it may be a day or two before things get restored depending on the extent of the damage,” says Mike Ehret, Dickinson County Emergency Manager.

Officials also urge people to take it slow on the roadways and use caution.

Heavy snow and high winds have also created problems for people in Holt County, Nebraska.

Officials with emergency management in Holt County say they did see some icing overnight, but with heavy snow and temperatures in the upper 20’s, the ice melted quickly.

They say roads were slick Thursday morning.

A concern for officials in Holt County going forward is more potential flooding.

Officials say they’re worried that when the snow melts it will add to some of the issues they’re already dealing with, like roads that are impassable because of damage done by heavy rain and flooding.

Officials in Madison County, Nebraska, say they’ve also seen heavy, wet snow in that area.

The District 11 emergency manager says visibility was low earlier in the day.

Officials say the snow was melting quickly, which is a good sign.

They say there could be issues if the snow keeps coming, though.

“If it keeps accumulating, then we could have issues but, with some melting of it and the additional water that might be an issue later on down the road,” says Bobbi Risor, District 11 Emergency Manager.

Over in Yankton County, South Dakota, officials say they saw some icing overnight in some parts of the county.
They say that icing has caused some people in the county to lose power.

Officials say they’ve seen snowfall throughout the day along with some pea-sized hail earlier in the day.

Some gravel roads couldn’t be plowed because they are too soft.

Officials say some paved roads couldn’t be plowed because of damage from flooding.

With the heavy snow they’ve seen today, officials say they are concerned about more possible flooding in the area.

“If you had sandbags around windows or doorways or different areas at that time it wouldn’t probably hurt to put them back in, put them back in place now that it’s early, you’ve got time, I don’t think we’re going to see the water as high,” said Paul Scherschlig, Yankton County Emergency Manager.

Several county emergency managers say flooding is a concern for them once all this snow melts.

So, that could be an issue for some in the future.

Ashly Richardson

Ashly Richardson

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