Defamation lawsuits filed against Denison, IA mayor, city council member

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DENISON, Iowa (KTIV) – The lawyer for Denison, Iowa’s city manager, and city clerk, has filed a lawsuit against the city’s mayor, and a member of the city council, for defamation and intentional infliction of severe emotional distress.

Attorney Mark Sherinian claims Mayor Jared Beymer and Council Member Corey Curnyn made defamatory claims about City Manager Terry Crawford and City Clerk Lisa Koch before a meeting, on January 24th, at which time the investigation into Crawford and Koch’s actions was ended by the city council.

Specifically, Sherinian says he got a copy of a text message Beymer allegedly sent to a Denison resident that claimed the unrevealed information obtained during the investigation of Crawford and Koch would be ‘really, really bad.’

Sherinian also claims Curnyn made a telephone call to a Denison resident, claiming that if the information obtained during the investigation were revealed, Koch and Crawford would never find work anywhere in the country.

Crawford, Koch, and Fire Chief Cory Snowgren were initially suspended on December 18.

Three weeks later, the trio was reinstated.

But, even though they were back on the job, the city couldn’t say why the three were placed on paid administrative leave.

Sherinian says it revolves around funding for a “slanted roof prop house”, which is a piece of training equipment for the fire department.

Sherinian added that miscommunication between the three employees and Beymer caused a misunderstanding that prompted the suspensions.

Sherinian is asking for a jury trial, compensation for damage done to Crawford and Koch’s reputations, and punitive damages.

Matt Breen

Matt Breen

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