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History of Notre Dame Cathedral

(KTIV) – Construction of Notre Dame began in 1163 under the reign of King Louis VII, and the first stone was laid in the presence of Pope Alexander III.

The landmark was not considered complete until nearly 200 years late.

It’s considered to be among the greatest examples of Gothic Architecture in the world.

It is 226 Feet High, 420 feet long

An estimated 30,000 tourists visit the cathedral daily.

Dr. Nathan Probasco, assistant professor of history at Briar Cliff University, spoke to KTIV’s Stella Daskalakis about the cathedral’s history.

“This building took 200 years to construct. We just don’t have these types of projects anymore,” said Probasco. “This was a place where kings were coronated, Napoleon held his coronation here, it was damaged during the French Wars of Religion, it was changed to a house of Reason during the French Revolution, it was place of refuge during World War II. There is just so much history in this one building. It’s just sad to see it burn.”

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