Law enforcement on the lookout for dangerous drivers

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(KTIV) – This weekend Iowa law enforcement say they are being especially vigilant while on the lookout for impaired drivers.

“It’s the 4/20 unofficial weekend and we want to make sure that people understand that impairments are impairments. Every type of impairment when we talk about OWI or driving while impaired or drinking while intoxicated means everything,” said Trooper John Farley of the Iowa State Patrol.

Over the next two days, several states have joined a campaign to eliminate impaired driving.

“We usually think of alcohol but its also narcotics and prescription drugs and we want to make sure that we are reducing those fatalities and the crashes themselves that are occurring because of people who are impaired,” said Farley.

But law enforcement isn’t just looking for drivers under the influence.

“One of the longtime strategies Iowa has implemented is that we are always looking beyond the stop,” said Farley.

Troopers are making an effort to look out for common violations that may lead them to more serious scenarios.

“We may be stopping a vehicle for something like a seatbelt violation or a cracked windshield or an equipment violation or speed. We’re always looking to see if there’s any other criminal activity being presented to us and making sure everything is being addressed not just that single violation,” said Farley.

While drivers could be operating their vehicle legally, their car itself may be the reason to be pulled over, for example, if your car has tinted windows.

“It doesn’t matter if its a moving or nonmoving, there is a safety issue involved here and one thing is just driver visibility and we want to make sure that our drivers are able to see their surroundings,” said Farley.

Law enforcement also reminds drivers to keep both hands on the wheel.

“It’s not just texting its everything it’s all applications that our devices have its internet whatever we have at our disposal on our devices,” said Farley.

If you like to avoid getting cited, you may want to click it, check your vehicle and keep your eyes on the road before you get a ticket.

Troopers say citations for violations can cost you more than $100.

If you’re caught operating while intoxicated, you can be facing a monetary fine, suspension of your license and jail time.

Danielle Saitta

Danielle Saitta

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