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Sioux Center Middle School students ‘band’ together to make a difference

SIOUX CENTER, Iowa (KTIV) – Over 400 students from Sioux Center have rallied together to support education in foreign countries.

Through this project, these middle schoolers worked as a team to learn about service and the world outside of their own.

“To help students provide an opportunity for education to other students around the world was just an incredible opportunity,” said Kody Tesch, a 7th-grade mathematics teacher at Sioux Center Middle School.

Fifth through 8th graders at Sioux Center Middle School are paying it forward by providing a bright future for students thousands of miles away.

“It was really cool to see how they live versus how we live and that their less fortunate but they still make the best of their lives and they’re still the happiest people you’ll ever meet,” said Tori Franken, a Sioux Center Middle School student.

Thanks to video chat, two overseas students bonded with the students, leaving a lasting impression on them in the process.

“They definitely took advantage of school more than we do here because it’s at our access here and they don’t have that access that we do,” said Franken.

In an effort to provide them with those opportunities, the students from Sioux Center “banded” together.

“Every spring we do a service project. We decided to do this project with Yuda bands because it involves all 430 students,” Says Tesch.

Each of these Siouxland students made a difference by purchasing and selling homemade bracelets.

“They’re made out of coconut and leather and they’re really cool and trendy and fun so we thought that’d be a fun thing for the middle schoolers,” said Myka Schut, a Sioux Center Middle School student.

“By purchasing bands they are helping tremendously,” said Tesch.

“They can graduate they can get better jobs they can have better futures,” said Franken.

It’s through this project to help further the education of students overseas that these Siouxland kids have learned something as well, service to others.

“You know the importance of a service project is caring for other people so I hope they take that away as well,” said Tesch.

“I would like to see what kind of impact we left on them,” said Franken.

Their original goal for these local students was to sell 600 of these bracelets.

They surpassed that, selling close to 1,000.

Danielle Saitta

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