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Maintainer Corporation of Iowa announces expansion in Sheldon, IA

SHELDON, Iowa (KTIV) – A Sheldon, Iowa business is expanding and the addition means up to 30 new jobs for the area.

Maintainer Corporation of Iowa, Inc. announced Tuesday they will add a 28,800 square foot manufacturing facility for their line of mechanics trucks, lube trucks, and cranes.

The expansion location is between their main location and their South Plant which is just off of the Highway 60 bypass in Sheldon in the old RV Central location.

The President of Maintainer says that this expansion with a total investment of over two million dollars is just their latest in a series of expansions.

“We were founded in Sheldon in 1976 so Sheldon has always been a part of the plan,” said Shelley Morris, President of Maintainer Corporation of Iowa, Inc. “We are very proud to be able to grow here and this expansion is just the latest in a series of expansions we have had over the last five years.”

Maintainer had previously created a 20,750 square foot addition in 2015, and another 7,800 square foot addition in 2017 in response to increased demand for Maintainer’s line of truck and cranes.

Currently, Maintainer employs nearly 220 people between their Sheldon and Rock Rapids locations, and the latest addition is expected to add 20 to 30 new jobs.

“These are things we need to see in Northwest Iowa and all of Iowa,” said Sen. Randy Feenstra, (R) Iowa. “Our Communities like Sheldon continue to grow and that’s what we are trying to do at the State of Iowa making sure that we continue to have economic development and places where people can have employment.”

They plan to have the new production facility open by the Fall.

Brett Funke

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