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City of Norfolk looks to improve high accident rate area

NORFOLK, Nebraska (KTIV) – The City of Norfolk wants to improve an area city officials say has a high accident rate.

Officials say the reconstruction of Benjamin Avenue, from 1st Street to Highway 81, is an important improvement that needs to be made.

Originally built in the 1970s before widened in the 1980s, officials say the street needs major renovation.

The $10.5 million, mile-long project would include removal and reconstruction of pavement.

On Monday night, city leaders met with local stakeholders made up of residents and businesses.

During the meeting, a large number of accidents on that stretch of road was mentioned after officials completed the roadway assessment.

City engineers say to fix the issues, the city wants to reconstruct the street to make it safer.

“The state average is about 3 per million vehicles and we are running about 7 and a half per million vehicles,” said Steven Rames, Norfolk Public Works Director, and City Engineer. “The reason is just the mixed left turn lane or the mixed left turn movements with without an actual left turn lane or center turn lane in some instances its about right turn movements without right turn lanes.”

City engineers are getting feedback from citizens and creating a design concept.

In the next month or so the project will be brought up again in a public meeting.

Danielle Saitta

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