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Gleeson Family Foundation gifts $1 million to United Way of Siouxland

UPDATE: SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Nebraska (KTIV)-  It’s first-of-its-kind donation for the United Way of Siouxland.

Klinger Companies, Inc. and the Gleeson Family Foundation have announced a $1-million dollar donation to the United Way of Siouxland.

It’s a donation that will make an impact on Siouxlanders.

“It’s huge. You know, it changes things for us, it changes things for our community and, it allows us to really have and impact on people’s lives for perpetuity,” says Heather Hennings, United Way of Siouxland President.

The money will go into an endowment fund.
From there, the earnings from the endowment fund will also go to helping serve the community in a number of ways.

“Which those dollars go out into the community to help serve our families, individuals, senior citizens and children,” says Hennings.

John Gleeson, the president of Klinger Companies, Inc, and The Gleeson Family Foundation, says his family has a long history with the United Way of Siouxland.

“It’s a natural organization, I’ve always felt a longing to and a real commitment to and I know it’s a quality organization.,” says Gleeson.

United Way of Siouxland officials say this is the largest single gift they’ve received in the organization’s 98-year history.
They also say it means a lot to receive such a large gift.

“It’s just a huge boost to our endowment, which allows us to have stability and being able to fund amazing programs in the future,” says Hennings.

SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Nebraska (KTIV) – Officials from the Gleeson Family Foundation have announced they will be providing a $1 million gift to the United Way of Siouxland.

Officials from the foundation say the gift will be part of the Klinger Companies, Inc. and Gleeson Family Foundation Endowment Fund. The Gleeson family say this gift will be able to help the community for years to come.

The announcement came in recognition of Klinger Companies, Inc.’s 100th anniversary in Sioux City.

Officials with the United Way of Siouxland say this is the largest single gift they have received.

The funds will be used for all of the organizations that are part of the United Way of Siouxland.

This is a Developing Story. KTIV’s Ashly Richardson is at today’s announcement. She’ll have more tonight on News 4. 

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