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Midwest Volleyball Power merges with United Sports Academy

NORTH SIOUX CITY, SD – Midwest Volleyball Power, which is the Premier volleyball Club in Siouxland, has merged with the United Sports Acadamy. MVP will now offer services through the United Sports Academy and will begin tryouts in the fall. They will offer lessons and skill development sessions throughout the year.

The United Sports Academy is a 56,000 square foot multi sport training and competition facility. It has four full sized basketball courts and eight youth courts that are also used for volleyball. The basketball program is going on right now which features traveling teams, training sessions, and open gym availability.

“Currently we have our basketball program happening,” said Marketing Director Heidi Connelly. “We have over 350 boys and girls in it right now. It’s really cool, every night there’s kids here playing basketball and getting better and we’re just real excited about the impact it’s having on those kids lives.”


Devin Reiners

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