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Washington State takes the title as the Best State in America for 2019

(NBC News) – The home of Amazon and Microsoft is tops in a new ranking.

Washington State has been named the best state in the country, this according to U.S. News and World Report’s rankings of the Best States in America for 2019.

The rankings were based on multiple criteria including opportunity, economy, education, safety, and health care.

Washington State, which was the nation’s fastest growing economy and a booming tech sector, jumped from 5th place last year to take the top spot.

New Hampshire takes second place, followed by Minnesota, Utah, and Vermont.

Last year, Iowa was ranked as the best state in the U.S. This year, the Hawkeye State dropped down to 14th.

Nebraska was ninth overall for 2019, while South Dakota was 20th. The Cornhusker State was 7th overall in 2018 while the Rushmore State was 20th in 2018.

The bottom three states for 2019? Mississippi (48th), Alabama (49th) and Louisiana (50th).

For a complete list of information on the rankings for each state, click here.

NBC News

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