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Sioux City Police host open house

SIOUX CITY (KTIV)- An open house Saturday afternoon, at the Sioux City Police Department.

The general public was able to come in and learn a little more about the police department.

Some of the activities included K-9 shows, drone demonstrations and a tour of the police museum.

Officers were available in every area of the department to answer any kind of questions.

“Especially children, we can reach out and make contact with our community and show them what we do you know to foster a little understanding in a fun environment and we love this. The officers that work these events just love the opportunity to make contact with these kids and give away police cards and things like that. So it’s just a win-win for everybody”. – Rex Mueller, Police Chief.

Chief Mueller says they hope to be able to do this year after year.


Xava Parra

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