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FDA to allow first dose of experimental medication for Jaci Hermstad

SPENCER, Iowa (KTIV) –  After pressure from various lawmakers, the FDA has agreed to allow Jaci Hermstad to receive the first dose of a potentially life-saving drug.

The drug, which will be administered directly into her spine, is an experimental drug developed for her specific mutation of ALS.

After the first dose, the FDA is insisting the toxicity tests must resume.

The date for the initial treatment is currently slated for June 10.

While Jaci and her family are thrilled that there is progress in sight for treatment, they are still frustrated at the delay in the timeline to that treatment.

“So even though we’re thrilled that the FDA has agreed to move forward with this first dose, with no testing. The whole idea is to get it to her right now. And we still need that to happen,” said Lori Hermstad, Jaci’s mother.

The family remains optimistic that after the doctor performing the procedure meets with the FDA on Tuesday, perhaps the timeline may be moved up.

In the meantine, the family is making preparations to travel to Columbia, New York, for that treatment.

Fundraising efforts continue as the family is still a long way from covering the $700,000 price tag.

Travis Hoffer

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