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Sioux City Fire Rescue added four new ambulances

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) –  Sioux City Fire Rescue debuted four new ambulances Friday during a dedication ceremony.

These ambulances provide citizens a safer method of emergency transportation during different weather conditions.

The four vehicles were dedicated to all of the Sioux City Fire and Emergency Medical Services personnel.

In addition to the new ambulances, is an enhanced patient loading method, called a Powerlift system.

Terry Regaller, EMS Division Training Officer, said this new system should eliminate injuries.

“Traditionally in the past we would have to lift the bed into the ambulance and that could really risk injuries to the patient and to ourselves. So this power lift system, we would actually push the bed onto the lift system and the lift automatically lifts it and then puts them in itself,” said Regaller. “This saves us a tremendous amount of lifting and it significantly reduces the opportunity for back injuries for our crews.”

Sioux City Fire Rescue says they are very proud of the new additions.

All four vehicles will operate out of Station One.

Libbie Randall

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