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Sioux City Railroad Museum hosts Touch a Truck or Train

The Sioux City Railroad Museum hosted the Touch a Truck or Train event on Saturday, June 1.

Kids of all ages were able to see and explore many different types of vehicles and train parts.

The museum had the Great Northern Steam Locomotive, Old Ironhorse, and the 45-Ton Switcher Diesel Locomotive on display.

Other vehicles included various fire rescue and police trucks and cars, construction equipment, ambulances, and military vehicles.

Everyone was allowed to sit in the front seat, learn how the truck or train is operated, and sound the horn and whistles.

The event also allowed anyone to take a ride on one of the mini trains at the museum.

Before the event opened to everyone at 12 p.m., the museum hosted a Quiet Hour from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. That event was for children with special needs to come and enjoy the trucks and trains without the noise.


Libbie Randall

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