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Storm Lake Police commended for their work to keep drugs off the streets

STORM LAKE, Iowa (KTIV) – A dozen Storm Lake, Iowa, police officers are being commended for their work to remove over a quarter-million dollars in meth, marijuana, and stolen weapons from the streets.

Some of those weapons officers removed are assault rifles with high-capacity magazines.

“Very important to keep drugs off of our streets, it’s a big problem here in Storm Lake,” said Det. Chet Hartwell, Storm Lake Police Department.

Last month, along with the weapons police in Storm Lake helped to remove 75 pounds of marijuana, nearly five pounds of crystal meth and mushrooms from their streets.

Storm Lake Police say there’s a reason they want these things off the streets.

“It leads to a lot of our crime. We have, every crime that we have in town, a lot of times it can lead to thefts, to domestics, to robberies,” said Hartwell.

The latest bust is still under investigation, so some details are not being released.

But police say investigations they work on take a lot of manpower and teamwork.

“Obviously the detectives have a huge part in that but every person involved in the investigation plays a part, whether it’s big or small,” says Asst. Chief Chris Cole, Storm Lake Police Department.

A dozen officers that helped work on this latest bust were commended by Storm Lake Police Chief Mark Prosser.

He says these officers went above and beyond in this investigation.

“They did everything from surveillance work to gathering intelligence, our tactical team did multiple search warrants in a high-risk environment,” said Prosser.

Police say they always have the community on their minds when working on investigations like these.

“Any time that you’re dealing with the trafficking of drugs and you’re dealing with the trafficking of stolen weapons, you’re dealing with people who don’t have the community in their heart and we do,” said Prosser.

Ashly Richardson

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