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Sen. Grassley: Mexico immigration dispute won’t come down to tariff increase

(KTIV) – U.S. Senator Charles Grassley, of Iowa, believes the dispute over immigration with Mexico won’t come to a showdown that leads to an increase in tariffs.

The Republican says he’s heard “good vibes” from Mexican officials, in Washington, D.C. this week, negotiating with U.S. trade representatives.

That said, Grassley isn’t backing away from his objections to the increase in tariffs on Mexico to pressure that country into beefing up border security.

“I don’t think its the right thing to do when he was on the cusp of a victory that would help agriculture through the new US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement,” said Grassley. “But, that still doesn’t mean I don’t think Mexico can’t do more. I think Mexico ought to do more.”

Grassley says the way to force Mexico to secure the border is by beefing up border security on the U.S. side.

Grassley claims Democrats have turned down many attempts to secure the border, so he says Republicans are doing what they can to secure the border.

Matt Breen

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