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Storm Lake Police help save a woman’s life in another country

STORM LAKE, Iowa (KTIV) –  On Wednesday morning, police in Storm Lake say they received a call involving a suicidal woman.

But when they got to the home, the situation was much different than what they expected.

A man inside the home was Facetiming his girlfriend who was in Mexico.

The man reported to police the woman was severely injured in a suicide attempt.

Police were able to keep the woman on Facetime and find her location.

Police say there was a language barrier, but with some help they were able to find the woman and get her help to save her life.

It’s a first for the Storm Lake Police Department.

“It’s one for the books for us,” says Asst. Chief Chris Cole, Storm Lake Police Department. “There was language barriers so we used our community service officer to assist with the languages and you know, obviously, internet played a part in trying to determine the name of the city and where the locations, what hospitals were nearby and I know they had to contact a couple of different hospitals before they were able to find one that could respond to where she was at.”

Police say the woman survived.

The man, who was inside the home where the call originated in Storm Lake, was wanted on a warrant for alleged theft of a vehicle.

He was booked into jail.

Ashly Richardson

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