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First dose of FDA-approved drug administered to Jaci Hermstad

(KTIV) – The mother of a Spencer, Iowa, woman, who’s battling an aggressive form of ALS, tells KTIV News 4 doctors today administered the first dose of the FDA-approved drug for her daughter, Jaci Hermstad.

Lori Hermstad says Jaci is resting comfortably tonight, is receiving great care, and is thankful for the overwhelming support.

While in New York, Jaci will receive three spinal infusions of the Antisense Oligonucleotide, or ASO, doctors hope will stop and possibly reverse the effects of Lou Gehrig’s Disease or ALS, which have taken a toll on her body.

The second infusion will be administered in two weeks.

The FDA approved use of the first round of the ASO, which has been made specifically for Jaci.
Further testing of the drug is continuing.

Stella Daskalakis

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