Healthbeat 4: The benefits of building a strong skeleton

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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) —  Our skeleton system is something we all have in common.

But did you know there are things we can do now to help build a strong foundation?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, our bones gain in density until the age of 30.

After that, we lose about one to two percent of our bone density each year — that is unless we exercise and build bone strength.

“Our focus here is helping people build strong bones so they can have a strong body and a strong life,” said Nicholas Andersen, OsteoStrong Sioux City Owner.

OsteoStrong Sioux City is a new wellness center that uses different machines to engage and grow bone density.

According to the American Bone Health Organization, the load required to stimulate bone building is 4.2 times the body weight.

“So the problem is how do you safely apply the pressure that the skeleton needs without the risks of pressure that’s put on it,” said Nicholas Andersen, OsteoStrong Sioux City Owner, “So that’s the beauty of these machines. Each one of these engages and apply pressure to a different kinetic chain of the body so it applies it along that bone triggering osteogenesis in it.”

Clients come once a week and spend about 15 seconds on each machine to create bone density and combat conditions like osteoporosis.

Andersen says OsteoStrong is beneficial for people of all ages and lifestyles!

“You can have a grandmother sitting on this machine and she’s working because she wants to stop the effects of osteoporosis. Next to her could be her daughter or son 40 years old who’s wanting to build strength in their middle age and then on that third machine could be her grandson wanting to improve his batting average,” said Andersen.

A painless, sweat-free way to build a foundation that’ll last you a lifetime.

To learn more about OsteoStrong click here.

Michelle Schoening

Michelle Schoening

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