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Students take to the sky while attending Drone Camp

SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Nebraska (KTIV) – Siouxland will soon be home to more than a dozen honorary junior drone pilots.

Drone Camp, a nationwide camp to teach kids about drones and safety, is being held this week at the Northeast Community College South Sioux City Extended Campus in South Sioux City, Nebraska.

Drone Camp began Monday with the beginner’s section where students got to learn about Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations.

Matt King, Drone Camp’s founder, says when he first started drone camp four years ago, only 20 percent of students had previously flown a drone.

Now he says about 80 percent of students coming in have flown a drone, meaning the skies are full of young pilots that may not be aware of the regulations.

“So we have tons of young pilots in the sky but they don’t know the rules, and it’s amazing that they come in and they take a test before and after and they can see how much they have grown,” said King.

Besides learning about rules and regulations, students were able to use a flight simulator to learn to fly, build their own drone which they get to keep and practice a search and rescue mission.

Students in the advanced section get to get hands-on experience editing video and taking to the skies flying some of the best drones on the market.

Students attending the class say that their favorite part was meeting new friends and flying drones.

“My favorite part of drone camp is learning new friends and kids and also being able to fly drones,” said Isabel Webber, Drone Camp attendee.

At the end of the camp, students get to become honorary junior drone pilots and get presented with their wings pin to wear.

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