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New waterpark to open soon in Sioux Center

SIOUX CENTER, Iowa (KTIV) –  A new attraction is close to opening in Siouxland

“It’s been exciting. We started this project a year ago,” said Dave Ruter, manager of the All Seasons.

“We had some council members come to us and say they would like to expand our existing outdoor pools,” he said.

For the last 13 months Siouxnami, a new waterpark at the All Season’s Center in Sioux Center, Iowa, has been under construction.

Ruter says the waterpark will feature a waterslide tower, diving platforms, and a 12-foot floating alligator.

He adds the anticipation of the new park is well worth the wait.

With $6.6 million invested, the Siouxnami waterpark will also feature three new slides, a rock wall, a zip line and much more. Employees of the waterpark say that the community is excited to see what the park has to offer.

Park staff say it’s been fun to see the center, which originally opened in June of 2003, make the transition into something new.

“It is just like a total transformation. It’s really cool. Starting from last summer when they were just digging holes and then coming back, you know, during Christmas, over break it’s just totally different. And it’s so great to see that we’re expanding,” said Kenady Sandbulte, pool shift supervisor.

“I think that there’s going to be such a variety of excitement because of the different things that we have,” said Ruter.

Ruter adds that other features of the park include a 400 foot long lazy river with a wave generator and a deep pool specifically for swimming.

Emily Schrad

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